15-Anti-Diet Business Mindset


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The Anti-Diet Business Mindset discourse is vastly different from the traditional business mindset discourse you might have heard.


Simply because the same system of oppression that is in place to keep women stuck in diet culture is present in the business world.

One of our guest expert teachers, Dr. Michelle Mazur is Ph.D. in sales psychology as an expert coined the term “Bro Marketing” to describe this phenomenon.

This episode gets very heated… there are 3 solid rants that may trigger you. I want you to remember that triggers are only a sign for us to look deeper and see where we can upgrade and grow.

Ready? Let’s do this!

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • 9 Business Mindset Tips the anti-diet way
  • Why mindset is the most important aspect of our business as non-diet practitioners
  • What does it mean to put our feminist hat on in our business
  • The #1 enemy of your business growth is not what you think
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