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Our Business Development Manager, Cory, sat down for an interview on "Talk to the Experts" on 650CKOM - a Saskatchewan NewsTalk radio station. This podcast is a recording of the first half of the interview, providing an introduction to eMotors Direct and what we do here. The following transcript was automatically generated: Welcome to talk to the experts this half hour a presentation of EA motors direct. I'm Brent cloaks your host joined by Corey. So tarde Corey is the business development manager with eMotors Direct and our half hour we're talking about electric motors being electric motors used on the farm. Electric motors used in the oil patch, electric motors used in mining electric motors used in industry, you're involved in any of these areas with electric motors, you'll want to pay close attention to our message today. E motors Cory, what's the story of your company. So eMotors Direct is an online platform for customers to find electric motors, gearing products and control products. The neat thing about eMotors is that we give real time inventory, you can look at your pricing, you can download your own quote, it's kind of like a self help website. Traditionally, bricks and mortar stores, you have to phone them up, give them the specs, and they take a certain amount of time to get you information back. With our website and the motors platform. You have all the information at your fingertips, you can look up data packs, drawings, all that stuff in one spot, boy, good efficient use of online services with eMotors Direct and you can find their website, EA motors And this is right across this great country of ours. If I'm in the far north, or I'm down on the US border or I'm out on the coast, I can get online to eMotors Direct take a look at your inventory and make an order right there and have it delivered to where I am correct. So we dropship from 30 different warehouses across Canada. So whenever you order wherever the stock is closest to you, that is the warehouse we ship from, what are the industries that you tend to serve the most here, Cory we do a lot with the agricultural industry, food med food manufacturing, aggregate and mining, and as well as a variety of oil and gas industries. Well, let's pretty well nailed all the industries right here in our great province of Saskatchewan. We got a lot of farm folks, of course, listening in to our expert show we got a big mining industry here the oil and gas industry and a good amount of manufacturing as well. So for somebody who's never explored IE motors, what kind of inventory depth are we talking Have you got motors, all shapes and sizes pretty well for for every need that's out there? Correct. We have a full line of industrial electric motors, as well as h back and agricultural duty motors. Across the Canada there's a boat 75 million worth of inventory with all of our vendors, stocking warehouses, so pretty good product range. So I'm guessing then with that inventory that you've got spread across the country, we know how time is money these days. So if I'm online, no matter what my need is, I find the product I need at eMotors turnaround time pretty quick from my purchase my online order and getting it to my yard. Typically the order is placed, say a Monday, the order to be processed Monday, during the day sometime and ship Tuesday. Average delivery would be two to three days. If it has to ship say from Vancouver to Ottawa, obviously, it's going to be four to five days. That's pretty impressive, though. So you guys have really changed the way that businesses and industry and farms are able to purchase electric motors. You're relatively new company, though, too, aren't you? We've been around for about four years, and obviously just still building up our presence and our exposure to the electrical motor industry. When you think about the inventory of electric motors to you must be talking about 1000s of different shapes and sizes of motors are we Yeah, we list about 20,000 active skews on our website. And with our cross reference database, we're sitting about 60,000 skews. So motors have been around for 100 years. And one of our our claims to frame on our website is we've listed all of the obsolete part numbers. So if you look up something that's 20 years old, that no longer exists, that part number likely will come up on our website and give you a cross reference to the new current cross referenced model. Man, that's brilliant, I think of so many different areas of life and work where you try to find that older product and it'll just say, you know, not in stock anymore, and you can't get the back history on it to find out what a new replacement part would be. That's got to be a huge plus for your customers. Oh, for sure. For sure. That's one of the one of the downsides is trying to find those replacement items. Especially if a company has gone out of business or in our industry. Corporate takeovers are a big thing. So your old us electric motor is now branded nidek. And the part number might be different, same product. But unless you know those crossovers very difficult to find. We're talking right now with our guest on talk to the experts Cory so Todd Cory is a business development manager with EA motors direct they are Canada's industrial motors supplier, see them online. It's all online shopping at E motors For people that are listening in right now and hearing about that amazing amount of inventory, do they have to do all the work? Or if they're stuck on something, Cory? Is there phone numbers? Do you have customer service people that come online even and do a chat to help me figure out my order? For sure, we do have a managed chat. Basically you on the chat, it will ask you a bunch of questions, and that email will be sent to one of our experts. And we will get back to you with answers right away. There's also our one 800 numbers on the website 108 907593 that can put you to to our office where we can help you walk you through placing an order, or we have technical experts on staff to help you cross reference your product or even find the product that you need. Orders are typically placed online. It's usually the best model just for security purposes. I don't really want your credit card information myself, where if it's entered on the website, all of that is encrypted and well looked after sure. But you guys have really changed the way businesses are dealing with the purchase of electric motors. How's the uptake been from your customer base over the past four years? Oh, really, really good. Are you know, we're growing in leaps and downs, year over year. So it's it's been well accepted. And people really like the idea of having all that information at their fingertips as opposed to waiting one two to five days for for someone to get back to them. Well, and I'm guessing the beauty of it is everything online, all your inventory there the information, can I basically shop seven days a week, 24 hours a day? Correct. So those companies that have tween 24 hour day service, you know, the night shift guy wants to have everything put together. So their purchaser the next morning could order it, they can go on our site, download all the information, see where the inventory is at and just shoot an email to their purchaser, here's what I want. Here's where to get it. Here's the price just makes it more convenient for those next shift operators. You need a new electric motor or any of the other products they carry at eMotors Direct go online right now and take a look see for yourself. II motors And from what you're seeing out there, Cory? Is there more and more demand for electric motors? Are you seeing a lot of industry in that transition away maybe from diesel generation, that sort of thing and going to electric motors in the work that they're doing? most industries are very heavily incorporated with electric motors. every industry has multiple motors in every business. You think it goes everywhere from your mixmaster on your kitchen counter all the way up to conveyors at Suncor and Syncrude mining sites. Sure. So they're there. They're everywhere yet adoption. Electric motors have been well adopted into industry for many, many years. And with their push for more green energy, for sure. You know, the diesel market is being pushed out a bit and electrical electrically driven products are more prominent. Sure. Hey, you touched on something I wanted to ask you about. You mentioned the mixmaster on my kitchen counter. So if I've got a kitchen appliance, and I'm trying to figure out why it isn't working. So I get on YouTube and I find a how to video, do you even have motors of that size for a lot of the smaller household stuff. So we don't get into appliances and such most of those are made specifically for those applications. We do carry a lot of H back products. So for your little furnace, motor fans, AC units, that kind of thing. stuff that we wouldn't get into would be say your bathroom fan, or your mix master or appliances. Those are so specific. Just you have to go back to the OEM. Sure, sure. Boy, I liked how you mentioned though, you do carry motors for my furnace or for my AC unit, because with the heat that we've been having here on the prairies this summer, I know the people that are involved in servicing air conditioning units and furnaces have been super busy in my own home included and to know that I could get online and get that particular motor delivered. That's pretty impressive service that you're offering. So we're gonna take a quick break here. We've still got another segment to go but we're on the topic of E motors direct totally online with Cory so Tara Cory is the business development manager with eMotors Direct great Canadian company providing online electric motors, motor controls, gearing parts and accessories eMotors We're back with more of our experts in two minutes on Newstalk radio

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