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Our Business Development Manager, Cory, sat down for an interview on "Talk to the Experts" on 650CKOM - a Saskatchewan NewsTalk radio station. This podcast is a recording of the second half of the interview, providing an overview of eMotors Direct's offering to our Agriculture clients. The following transcript was automatically generated: Welcome back, you're listening to talk to the experts this half hour presentation of e eMotors. Direct their website eMotors And the name really says it all electric motors over 20,000 different items in their inventory Brent Loucks with you joined by Corey Soetaert, who is their business development manager. And when I look over some of the items that you've got, man, just about every kind of electric motor, no one demand and no one to industry. We've got DC motors, we've got pumps, we've got general purpose, we've got oil, well. We've got two speed motors, and the list goes on and on. There's furnace motors, there's farm duty motors, you need an electric motor. It's as simple as getting online and checking out their selection, checking out their prices. And again, this is a great Canadian company. eMotors, Corey home base where Edmonton? So, head office is out of Edmonton, Alberta. But we do again service the entire country via drop ship from manufacturers warehouses across the country, I should say. And you were saying earlier, over 20,000 different items that I can search through on your online directory correct. From industrial motors to agricultural motors. We have it all. So, let's talk ag. Of course ag is the heart of our industry here in Saskatchewan along with mining and oil and gas. Talk to me a little bit about the motors and for your farm listeners out there, what you can provide for them from eMotors Direct. So the most popular products in the ag industry would be aeration, fan motors, motors and gearboxes for crop drying equipment. barn fans, as well as feed auger drives and gearing gearboxes as well as motors. And then we also do get into the control systems for that we have a specialty line called the sinus m VFD. And what that does for customers is it accepts single phase power in and produces three phase power out so they can actually control the speed of their motors. Not something that ag customers had good access to in the past. Interesting and a pretty broad selection of brands in that field of motors for ag. Correct. We carry Baldor nidec, TECO Westinghouse weg AGI, grainguard aeration fans, so a good selection of the products that they would require. I'm just curious the size of some of these motors what they get to when you think about going online to E motors finding the motor you want, be it on the farmer at the mind, How big does some of these get in and when it comes to delivery, you think about an electric motor for the farm is that something that is required the more than just my half done truck to bring it home. For sure most ag industry customers wouldn't. The motors aren't overly large, because most ag customers only have a certain amount of power to their property. So most agricultural customers would stop at a 50 horse motor, which is probably in the 500 pound range. Obviously industry, they can get extremely large, a you know, eight to 10,000 pounds. You know when you think about these motors and the investment that farmers put into their operations each and every year. And they maybe don't have the expertise, they know that they need these electric motors to move grain whatever it may be. They're doing from eMotors You've got people who will help me basically put this project together? Correct. I think one of the legs that we have from an online marketplace, is we actually offer technical support. One of my pet peeves was always going to an online marketplace, I can find the thing I need but if I have a question, it's very difficult to get an answer. So one of our one of our claims to fame is we do list our phone number and when you phone in, you can talk to a technical expert to help you through that process. Boy, that's a big part of it, isn't it? That's what we all do. Your right it's easy often to find a part but then you try to think how am I going to make this work in my system. So you've got a team of experts who who specialize in agriculture and they're ready to help our farmers take on that next motor project when they order their motors and controls and gearing systems from eMotors e eMotors. free delivery involved for the farm folks? We some products are for sure free delivery. Boy, that's good to know. So any of our farmer folks who are listening right now that say We're in the need of some of these products, the electric motors, the motor controls, whatever it may be from eMotors Direct, make that order online eMotors And some other stuff you wanted to mention relating to farmer folks who may be ordering items from eMotors Direct at eMotors When it comes to delivery of these items, as you mentioned earlier, a lot of the stuff the farmer could simply throw on his half ton truck. What about the bigger items though Corey? So larger items, over 60 pounds, we typically send with an LTL carrier, so less than truckload, semi tractor trailer type of delivery, a lot of those are quite heavy, you can't just pick them off the back of the truck. So we actually offer free power tailgate delivery. So when that comes to your farm, the truck already has a power tailgate, they roll it onto the power tailgate, drop it on the ground for you. So you don't have to have a forklift on site to get your product. Oh, what a great idea that is. And I think the average person if you're not working on the farm, may not fully understand just how many applications there are at a particular farm for electric motors. And you cover the gamut here, all this different equipment as far as where these motors would be applied. For sure, and I think one of the real changes in industry, the family farm is less prominent, and the farms are getting bigger and bigger. So their applications for meeting larger equipment or specialized products for their system is is growing at a rapid rate. As you say you've got over 20,000 products. I think people will be quite impressed when they get online to your website just to see the variety of electric motors and fixtures that you guys provide. For sure the industry is a very wide industry with tons of applications. And we do our best to provide service for all those customers. We're talking about eMotors Direct. They are Canada's industrial motor supplier, based out of Edmonton, but it doesn't matter. It's all online. You can shop online right now seven days a week, 24 hours a day at E motors Cory Soetaert is our guest, Corey is business development manager with eMotors Direct. I think the biggest message we always want to get across is just the product selection and the availability information for our customers. We we do our very best to supply as much information, data packs, drawings, all of that stuff for the customers so they don't have to go searching, they look for the product, the information comes up. And if they have any technical questions or further information you require, we're easy to access, email, phone chat, just trying to be that real good resource for customers. When they're in a bind, well, motors break down and it's a panic. It's not Can I get one in two weeks? You definitely revolutionize the way businesses and farms are able to purchase electric motors all done online. You can see for yourself when you go to eMotors Cory Soetaert. Thanks so much for your time today. Corey, thank you very much. Have a good day. You've been listening to our experts show for eMotors Direct on news talk radio.

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