The Pet Ownership Boom: From Start-Up to IPO, the Qantas Partnership and What One Million New Dogs in Australia Means for Mad Paws


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From pet-sitting a Labrador named Honey for a friend, to establishing a game-changing partnership with Qantas, going public in the middle of a global pandemic and the acquisition of Waggly Club - Mad Paws' co-founder, Alexis Soulopoulos, joins us on Unconventional Business this week.

How did Mad Paws, a business founded on pet-sitting services, increase both bookings and new customer acquisition during a global pandemic, when the vast majority of Australia was grounded? What was the catalyst for the company to buck the trend and go public so early into their journey? How did Alexis and the team overcome the vast challenges that exist in building marketplace business models? And with 69% of Aussie households owning a pet, what does the future look like for Mad Paws and the pet industry?

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