EP25 Is Your Self-Talk Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?


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How do you talk to yourself when you make mistakes? Do you often beat yourself up? Are you kind or do you often end up calling yourself names?

In this episode, Eva explores how our inner dialogue can make or break our weight loss journey. Self-talk indicates the way we see ourselves and the world around us, and it is almost too easy to focus on the negative. When it comes to weight loss though, if the process makes you feel miserable, chances are, you won’t lose weight.

Listen in as Eva explains why tough love is just not effective and shares her tips to deprogram negative self-talk and achieve our fitness goals.


  • How the language you use with yourself influences relationships
  • The key to identifying your negative self-talk
  • Learning to reframe and retrain your thoughts
  • Why neutral affirmations are just as important as positive affirmations


“When it comes to losing weight for the last time, something that a lot of people don't realize is that how you think, and how you talk to yourself are actually way more important than what you eat, and how much you exercise.”


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