36. Interview with Author Sara Barratt: Overcoming Apathy


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Join us this week as we interview 21-year old author, Sara Barratt as she talks about what apathy is and how to overcome it as a teen girl.
With so many things coming against teens today...so many distracts, it can be really easy to become indifference about your walk with God, but it doesn't have to be that way.
"With passion and authenticity, teen author Sara Barratt calls on her generation to reject apathy and embrace a daring, costly faith. Not content with safe religion that demands nothing of us, Sara shows teens how they can stop giving in to the status quo and devote themselves fully to Christ, following him no matter what their friends do or the culture around them does. She challenges them to give everything over--their comfort zones, their time, their loyalties, their pride--and discover that in losing control they are gaining the life that was meant for them all along. Love Riot is a battle cry from one teen to another to embrace a life of wholehearted commitment and relentless abandon for Christ . . . no matter the cost."
Find more about Sara and get a copy of her book: www.sarabarratt.com
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