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Uncommon Communion is a new podcast from First Church Birmingham. We are a United Methodist Congregation located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is to be an open place for all people to worship, grow and serve. In doing so, we strive to live into our priorities: practicing hospitality, embodying diversity, doing justice, encouraging authenticity, creating an inclusive community and embracing tough questions. Communion is a holy sacrament that Jesus shared with the disciples at the Last Supper. At First Church we believe that all are welcome at the table and that all means ALL. The more people we invite to the table, the wider our understanding of one another becomes. When we break bread with one another we start to truly see that our differences do not separate us but instead help us better understand one another, the world around us, and our Creator. At First Church Birmingham we believe you all belong at the table. How does a podcast fit into things? It may surprise you to know that we won’t be talking religion per se. Our hope is to offer an alternative avenue for people to find a voice and share their story. You see, the Church hasn’t always done a good job of celebrating all people’s stories. At some point in your life, someone may have led you to feel like God’s love is limited and that parts of you were unworthy of the love and acceptance of God. In this podcast, we want to celebrate the rich wholeness of the authentic self because the vastness of God’s love encompasses all parts of you, regardless of your sexuality, socio-economic status, or gender role. So if authenticity is what you seek, this is the podcast for you.

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