Unconfirmed: How SEC Chair Gary Gensler's Views on Crypto Have Changed Since His MIT Days - Ep.275


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Nik De, managing editor for global policy and regulation at CoinDesk, stops by Unconfirmed to discuss the current state of crypto regulation, including recent comments by SEC Chair Gary Gensler on stablecoins and why Coinbase decided to sideline its Lend product. Highlights:

  • Nik’s biggest takeaway from Gary Gensler’s interview with the Washington Post
  • why Nik thinks Gensler has escalated his rhetoric regarding stablecoins and DeFi
  • how crypto exchanges are currently regulated and how that might change
  • what it would take to convince crypto exchanges to register with the SEC
  • whether the SEC has the purview to regulate stablecoins
  • Nik’s thoughts on Coinbase’s Lend product and the SEC’s stance on lending products
  • what the overall picture of crypto lending is in the US
  • whether the SEC will go after DeFi protocols
  • what to expect from the SEC going forward, especially with the end of its fiscal year coming up next week

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