Unchained 5-Year Anniversary: AMA With Laura on Her Favorite Guests, Predictions and More - Ep.246


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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Unchained, I answer some questions submitted to me by the audience. In this episode, I cover:

  • what I think about the relationship between psychedelics and crypto
  • the most entertaining guest I’ve interviewed on Unchained
  • why Coinbase founders may have a more impactful future on crypto than Ethereum founders
  • which show has been the most impactful
  • why I am a “nocoiner”
  • where I believe DAOs fit into the future of crypto
  • who my favorite guests have been over the years
  • what I am most fearful and most hopeful about in the crypto space
  • why I think user-friendly products are so important moving forward
  • which DeFi projects I find the most interesting
  • what sort of expenses go into producing Unchained
  • which topics I would like to cover in the future
  • the most surprising answers I have received in an interview (feat. CZ and Vitalik)
  • what three cryptos I think will be most important three years from now
  • if I think I have interviewed Satoshi :)
  • my advice for anyone looking to change careers and go crypto
  • who has been the hardest person to book on Unchained
  • what crypto trend has surprised me the most in the past five years

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