On-Chain Analytics Show ETH Accumulation Is Greater Than That of BTC - Ep.264


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NFTs are the talk of the metaverse, EIP 1559 just went live, and DeFi stats are rebounding. On Unchained, Fredrik Haga, cofounder and CEO at Dune Analytics, along with Richard Chen, general partner at 1confirmation, discuss the booming Ethereum ecosystem through the lens of on-chain data, diving into NFTs, DeFi, ETH, and their favorite layer 2s. Show highlights:

  • why Ethereum is on such a pronounced upswing
  • why on-chain metrics lead to superior information reporting
  • mind-blowing OpenSea statistics
  • why NFTs are so hot at the moment
  • how Richard explains NFTs to normies
  • whether the NFT market is sustainable
  • what makes an NFT drop pop and why profile pics (PFPs) matter
  • how Polygon NFTs compare to Ethereum NFTs
  • the main driving force behind DeFi usage
  • how Richard measures the total amount of DeFi users
  • what brings new users into DeFi
  • what DEX trends Fredrik is keeping his eye on
  • why structured products are crucial to DeFi’s continued success
  • how Ethereum is doing since the London hard fork
  • why NFT drops are like 2017 ICOs
  • what metric shows ETH adoption outpacing BTC adoption among institutions
  • which layer 2 solutions are Fredrik and Richard excited about
  • why Richard considers Binance Smart Chain a centralized blockchain
  • why Fredrik likes what Solana is building
  • Richard and Fredrik’s predictions for the NFTs, DeFi, and ETH going forward

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