UD - Ep 60 - Obi Aris Interview


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Hi Everyone! Tune into Season 8: Episode 60 the Obi Aris Interview. We sit down with the upcoming artist, cartoonist, graphic designer and director to talk about his upbringing, being an entrepreneur and who motivates him. He also shares his insight about Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, police brutality and the upcoming Presidential election. In addition to dropping gems about family, turning your passion into a pay check, the reality of the real world after college, having a support structure and so much more! Tune in, like, rate, review, subscribe and share. Connect: Website: https://www.obiaris.com IG: @obiaris Twitter: @obiaris #art #artist #blackart #houston #texas #entrepreneur #goals #michaeljackson #rkelly #donaldtrump #presidential election #obiaris #bewhoyouare #unapologeticallydifferent

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