UD - Ep 41 - Tariq Nevar Interview


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Hey guys we are back for the Season 6 premiere, this is Episode 41! We have a special guest, the one and only Tariq Nevar. Tariq is a celebrity barber, business owner, brand ambassador, business consultant, father, and so much more! On this episode we discuss the effect technology has had on business development, what it takes to keep growing a business, how parenthood played into Tariq's personal growth, finding the balance between work and a social life, women getting equal pay to their male-counterparts, dating lessons and advice, the importance of self-care and fitness, talking to children about racism, the effects of attending a predominantly white institution, building generational wealth, and much more! #tariqnevar #barber #entrepreneur #selfcare #mentalhealth #fitness #business #wealth #bewhoyouare #unapologeticallydifferent Tariq Nevar Instagram: @thetariqnevar Twitter: @thetariqnevar Facebook: Tariq Nevar Website: https://linktr.ee/thetariqnevar Apple App Store and Google Play Store: Tariq Nevar

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