UD - Ep 37 - Hello Police


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Hi Everyone! Tune into Season 5: Episode 37 “Hello Police”. We talk about the Oakland Barbecue and epic memes following the incident, Napping while black on Yale’s campus, Racial bias with Air BNB guests, Bob Marley’s granddaughter lawsuit with the police department, Meek Mill vs. the Justice System, parolees, Junot Díaz, sexual misconduct and verbal abuse, toxic masculinity behavior, Cynthia Nixon’s reparations comments, effects of legalizing marijuana, and Coach P dropping gems! #metoo #timesup #freemeekmills #prisonindustrialcomplex #parolees #justicesystem #junotdiaz #cynthianixon #reparations #bewhoyouare #unapologeticallydifferent

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