UD - Ep 35 - Choose Wisely


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New Episode Alert! Tune into Season 5: Episode 35 “Choose Wisely.” We breakdown the nuances in J.Cole’s KOD album, gang violence and gun control, different types of addiction, escaping your demons, meditate not medicate, social media, fatherless households, representation matters, creating generational wealth, and Coach P drop gems about the Four Agreements. Link below. Like, subscribe, and share. Here are the links to the Unapologetically Different Ringtone: https://www.tuunes.co/search?search=Unapologetically+Different https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unapologetically-different-podcast-intro-music/1319069071?app=itunes #jcole #coleworld #kod #killourdreams #kidzondrugs #kingoverdose #fortheculture #hiphop #bewhoyouare #unapologeticallydifferent

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