9. Our Favourite Travel Stories [Part 1]


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If you're like us, then you would agree that having a flight booked in your calendar is fuel to getting through life. Join us on the TT750 Express as we embark on a journey around the world and relive our experiences overseas. From street food in Vietnam to Bachelor escapades in Thailand, clogging toilets in Korea and getting barred by clubs in Japan; we share some of our favourite travel stories over the years. Remember your neck pillows and plug those earphones in, this is going to be a fun ride. E P I S O D E O U T L I N E ------------------------------------------ •Countries we've travelled to •The first country we ever travelled to •Travelling around Vietnam to visit family •Most unique countries we travelled to •Going to Rio to represent Australia at World Youth Day •Getting lost in San Francisco •Accidentally stumbling into a bachelor party in Bali •Our trip to Jorea (Japan + Korea) •Encounter with wild boars •Partying in Korea •Missing plane flights T I M E S T A M P S ------------------------------- 6:58 Recommendations 8:36 Discussion begins --------------------------------------- We'd love to know your thoughts about this topic as well, feel free to send us an email: unapologeticallyasianpodcast@gmail.com or follow us and slide into our dms on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticallyazn/ Stay safe and healthy, ♥︎ Thuy and Tiana (UA ✌︎) ✨Music by the talented Joakim Karud✨ •Say Goodnight •Soundcloud •Spotify --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unapologeticallyasian/message

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