58. Rags to Riches, Love Triangles and Second Lead Syndrome?! | Dissecting K-Dramas


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From dreamy heartthrobs to predictable yet addicting storylines where the rich, arrogant male lead falls for the plain, defiant female lead who accidentally gets kidnapped?!? Only to be found by the male and then end up in a coma?!?!? Korean dramas have captured our hearts around the world. In this episode we have so much fun dissecting the common tropes of Kdramas, discuss why we love them, why they’re so damn bingeable and why they can be a lil lowkey toxic… Not an episode where we fangirl for 30 mins over PSJ and kdramas or do we.. just kidding :P E P I S O D E O U T L I N E ------------------------------------------ Deep dive into the tropes that are in majority of Korean dramas I.e. rags to riches, love triangles, Subway (not spon), trauma, sex is a no-no, second lead syndrome Our fave Korean drama moments Our fave Korean actors and actresses WHY ARE KOREAN DRAMAS SO DAMN ADDICTIVE!?!!?! T I M E S T A M P -------------------------------- 2:05 Discussion begins 34:55 Recommendations Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors! 🍵 East Forged: You can use code UA15 for 15% off their delicious nitro cold brewed tea. 🍨 Scoopy Milk Bar: You can use code UA15 during checkout for 15% off their menu! 🍨 🧋 Bubble Tea Club: Use code UAPOD5 at checkout for 5% off their site! 🧋 If you'd like to continue the conversation, we'd love to hear from you, feel free to slide into our dms on instagram: @unapologeticallyazn or check us out at www.unapologeticallyasian.com.au Much love, ♥︎ Thuy and Tiana (UA ✌︎) ✨Music✨ Joakim Karud •Say Goodnight •Soundcloud •Spotify Lakey Inspired •Chill Day •YouTube --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unapologeticallyasian/message

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