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Welcome to Type 1 on 1: The Diaries! Writer and broadcaster Jen Grieves and producer Ami Bennett are good friends - who both happen to live with type 1 diabetes. For this special spin-off series of Type 1 on 1, nana diabetic Jen (25 years) and baby diabetic Ami (3 years) chat through the frustrating, funny and challenging experiences they’ve faced each week thanks to this ridiculous condition. All in the hope that their stories might help you too.
The highs and lows extend beyond type 1 diabetes this week, as Jen and Ami have both had an accident involving their shorts which, it turns out, are less robust than their diabetes devices.
We desperately bring it back on track to discuss just how much our pancreases are to blame for the lapse in brain concentration. Ami’s had a bit of a wobbly one after a few laps of the pool, and there’s a vivid walk down memory lane as Jen relives that one time she had a hypo on the side of a motorway in a broken down car in a three mile tailback with not a grain of sugar in sight. Buckle up.
This week’s pump journey update isn’t the best

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