Type 1 on 1: The Diaries - I had my knickers and my hypo things


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Welcome to Type 1 on 1: The Diaries! Writer and broadcaster Jen Grieves and producer Ami Bennett are good friends - who both happen to live with type 1 diabetes. For this special spin-off series of Type 1 on 1, nana diabetic Jen (25 years) and baby diabetic Ami (3 years) chat through the frustrating, funny and challenging experiences they’ve faced each week thanks to this ridiculous condition. All in the hope that their stories might help you too.
This is a bit of a howler, so we hope you’re ready for a touch of nonsense this week! A bit of fun is very necessary when dealing with type 1 diabetes, right?
Ami’s still trying to tackle type 1 diabetes and swimming, and while it resulted in yet another escapade this week, two lovely kind strangers came to her rescue and restored all faith in humanity. Jen’s been stuck with a consistently high blood glucose and hasn’t really done a whole lot to try and fix it (oops).
Meanwhile Ami’s been for her first visit to the diabetes therapist and they’ve got a very helpful theory to discuss - if only they could figure out their primary colours first…
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