Madison Seminary Investigation, Madison Ohio


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Welcome to the Two Scaredy Cats Podcast where we talk about all things paranormal! This is a bonus episode for Scaretober.
Today we share with all our scaredy cats and kittens our first ever paranormal investigation! We went to the @madisonseminry (Madison Seminary) in Madison Ohio. This place is one of the most haunted places in Ohio and has been featured on many ghost hunting shows. We also have a guest on the show today, Kara's friend Savannah who came with us on our investigation.
This place did not disappoint, all three of us had some type of paranormal experience! We even got an EVP in Sarah's room after I had heard what sounded like a baby crying. It is in the podcast when Kara ask if the rocking horse belongs to her you can hear a baby cry! Keep in mind we were the only people in the building that afternoon. We were getting some crazy vibes on some of the floors and in some of the rooms. Very cool place! Lots of history in that building.
Join us later this month for another paranormal investigation at a really spooky place!
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Remember Curiosity didn't kill these two scaredy cats plus Savannah!

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