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We wrap up RHOC Season 16 with the Rack and Roll party that was as bad as the women singing. We watched Emily not renew her vows and learned about Shannon’s Core Four. Does Shannon lives rent free in Gina’s head? What is the future of the Orange County franchise? In Summer House, we hit a beach bonfire with Lindsay’s flavor of the week, Ahmed, who activates her by not coming back to the house afterwards. In the party bus, we find out Andrea has a big eggplant, Danielle is saving her butt for marriage, and Paige would move to Charleston. At the winery, Amanda asks Lindsay if she is covering something up but Lindsay says she is having the best summer of her life! In New Jersey, we finally see Tre’s new home and Luis is love bombing us all with that stone. But Bella the dog tells us all we need to know... We head to Nashville, where Tre is convinced Marge is talking to the bloggers and she isn’t going to let that f*cking whore, disgusting piece of white trash b*tch get away with it. Whose side are you on? Come judge with us!

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