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You didn't think we'd end the week without deep diving the season 8 premiere of Southern Charm, did you? The good old boys are back and fighting again. Is Craig taking his success too serious and leaving his friends behind? Whose side are you on: Craig or Shep/Austen? Are Craig and Austen the Charleston version of Serena and Blair?! Does Naomie want Craig back or is she just enjoying the single life? We loved meeting the newbies Olivia and Chleb, who are a breath of fresh air. The big event is Kathryn's 30th birthday themed The Great Katsby. And in true Gatsby fashion, Kathryn leaves her own party early. But not before thinking Naomie owes her an apology. But does she? Madison makes an appearance to ruffle Austen’s feathers but seems like she'll be a persona non grata this season. We have to be honest, we LOVED this premiere! Come judge with us!

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