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Question of the week: What are your feelings about cargo shorts? We keep watching Dubai trying to like it but Caroline Stanbury just seems like she doesn’t want to be friends with any of the women. In Atlanta, we love to see Marlo’s foundation work with foster children, and now we know not to send her gently used clothes. Where do you side on Drew vs Sanya? Is Sanya looking for clout? In Punta Mita, we see Erika knows how to have a good time: three margaritas and two Xanax will do the trick. She talks about being cultural and agriculture, owning the boat ILLEAGLE (ok that is pretty funny), peeing on the new girl, and eating spaghetti like no one is watching. Diana wants to single-handedly take down Sutton, and tries with a "you can’t sit with me" vibe on the plane. Diana can go off the show and Sutton can charter her own place! Come judge with us!

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