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We really chatted it up this week discussing RHODubai, RHOA, and RHOBH and even spin off into a bit of Kardashians talk. Are the MVP and LVP of RHODubai Ayan and Stanbury, respectively? Would you have rather gone to Lesa's or Nina's Thanksgiving dinner? What gift would you have liked to have received from Ayan: a goat, onions or hens? After a week off, RHOA picks back up at the dinner table in New York. Marlo calls Kandi out for her shilling. Would you wear vibrating underwear out in public? Would you join Drop it with Drew? We think Drew tends to play two truths and a lie when she tells stories. Where is Tyrone? Why did he block Sheree? Even heading to Punta Mita, RHOBH ladies are still discussing Sutton/Crystal. Is Crystal gas lighting? Does Rinna ever take a day off? Was what Sutton said dark? Is Garcelle a queen that understands her assignment? To continue questions: Is Summer Mary alive? Will Courtney and Mary be at Silver Clouds in SF on Saturday before venturing out to see Countess Lu? (The answer is yes to both of these!) Come judge with us!

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