Ep. 75: Gary Ryan- Simply The Best


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Gary Ryan's first visit to Block Island began with a warning from a police officer not to sleep on the beach. But at this point we'd say Gary's earned the right to sleep on any beach he wants.
You'd be hard pressed to find someone who cares about our island community more than Gary. A good part of his life has been dedicated to public service here on Block Island. Gary served on the Town Council in addition to being one of the longest-standing volunteer rescue squad members. It's tough sometimes because Gary's the kind of guy who just can't put his work behind him at the end of the day.
Gary was at one time the proprietor of the High View Inn before it was converted into employee housing. Some great family memories and a few ghost stories are shared. We also learn about Gary's love of history and in particular- his fascination with propaganda posters from this era.

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