The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Life


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When you have no goals, you live by default but setting goals is key to staying in the process to success. To achieve your goals, be flexible in setting realistic goals, prepare for change, and take little mindful commitments daily to get where you want to be in life. Always remember that success is not the sole outcome of goal setting; failure will come to you on the way, and learning how to fail without giving up will bring great victory in your path.

During the episode, we talk about goal setting and how you can set reasonable goals that will help you achieve your ultimate desires in life.

In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

[00:33] What is goal setting and how to go about it

[02:04] Get help and start by setting smaller goals

[04:57] Our accomplishment and how we set ourselves to achieve our ultimate goals

[09:48] Overcoming fear and getting to your desired destination

[10:59] Commercial break

[11:42] The dangers of aiming too low and living by default

[15:37] Strategies to staying in the process and committing to your goals

[19:00] The importance of taking an honest self-evaluation today

[21:21] Flexibility and setting realistic goals to remain in progress

Notable Quotes:

  • “Without action, your goal is nothing but a daydream.”
  • “You have to take little mindful commitments to get to that ultimate goal.”
  • “When you aim too low, you will just get stuck.”
  • “One of the first lessons of being successful is learning how to fail.”
  • “Great things come as a result of failure.”

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