Tales From the Crypt (1972)


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Something new for this pairing, we're doing anthology films! These are films that tell several stories with an over-arching connecting story that serves to link the other tales into a cohesive tale. First up is the start of a franchise, from Amicus studios, it's 1972's "Tales From the Crypt!" Featuring five different tales that all serve as visions for a group of people who've stopped to tour a historic crypt, and meet with the mysterious Crypt Keeper (played by Ralph Richardson), each story serves as a warning of sorts. "All Through the House" stars Joan Collins, "Reflection of Death" features Ian Hendry and Angela Grant, "Poetic Justice" stars horror legend Peter Cushing in a rare, sympathetic role, "Wish You Were Here" showcases Richard Greene and Barbara Murray in a modern take on the classic "Monkey's Paw" tale, and "Blind Alley" showcases the one and only Patrick Magee! Jeff chose this as one of the two horror anthologies in this pairing because it has, he believes, the single best vignette to be found in any anthology!

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