Time Travel is Easy, History is Hard


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This is a tribute to Ancient Rome Refocused and a story about how the Twilight Histories came into being. You'll hear stories from the earliest days of history podcasting (2007-2010), and you'll learn how the Twilight Histories was formed from those early works of podcasting history... Hardcore History, The History of Rome and of course... Ancient Rome Refocused.
How do you create a podcast? How do you find your unique podcasting voice? How can you overcome those early failures? You'll discover the podcasting journey of Jordan Harbour from the Twilight Histories.
You'll also hear Episode 2 from Ancient Rome Refocused called Time Travel is Easy, History is Hard. This was the seminal work that led to the final form used by the Twilight Histories and it is an incredible honour to show it to you. It has long since been taken down. Thank you Rob Cain for allowing us to include it here.
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