TV Guidance Counselor Episode 514: Laura Leigh Abby


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March 30-April 5, 2002

This week Ken welcomes writer and host of the new Seventeen podcast Laura Leigh Abby to the show.

Ken and Laura discuss The Hudson Valley, growing up just outside of a major city, Manhattan, before the CW Revolution, the weird early '00s gross out teen sexy comedy film cycle, Reality TV, growing out of the Real World, Celine Dion, how Las Vegas isn't a family place, The Got Milk ads, Hanson, posters on your wall, Andre Agassi, the grossness of the Olson Twins "countdown", how former child stars with money always become "fashion designers", low rise and beige, the awful fashion and design of the early '00s, when Ken was too cool for Varsity Blues, The Program, how horribly embarrassing being a teenager is, carrying cards with numbers, awful catch phrases, The Weakest Link, The Osbournes, Jack Osbourne, Paris HIlton, sex tapes, The World's Greatest Tortellini, Ken eating whole pies, The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston, That '70s Show, the UK version of That '70s Show, 9/11 movies, ripped from the headlines, Patriot's Day, Ken's beef with Marky Mark, Robinhood Men in Tights, Felicity, Emerson College, The Combat Zone, The W Hotel, wanting to hate somebody who is nice, The Office, Behind the Music, Family Feud, made up surveys, Kens stealing beer and selling it back to kids scam, Ken's detailed recount of Daisy Fuentes' current life, Six Feet Under, Tom Arnold, and revisiting suppressed memories.

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