TV Guidance Counselor Episode 454: Abbi Crutchfield


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April 19-25, 1986

This week Ken welcomes comedian, TV host, and nail polish enthusiast Abbi Crutchfield to the show.

Ken and Abbi discuss snow, growing up in Indiana, Hooser vibes, Boston anger, accents, wanting to leave where you grew up, speaking other languages, New York vs. LA, stand up, local commercials, the best looking Men in Hollywood circa 1986, Murder She Wrote, being 50 forever, Pierce Brosnon, your James Bond, Don Johnson, Dallas, Robert Urich, Vegas, looking at things as an adult vs as when you were a kid, being a parent, Remington Steele, Magnum PI settling down, Heartbeat, Friday Night video store trips, creepy dudes hitting up the back room, nail polish, Small Wonder, child actors, Jim Davis, Garfield in Paradise, Tom Bosley, watching the stock market on TV, M&Ms, The Trix rabbit finally getting Trix, TV commercials, entering contests, being at a test screening of Milk Money, The Secret Garden, Columbo, murder, autopsies, Patrick McGoohan, Luke Thayer subjecting Abbi to Mr. Boogedy, John Astin, Home Alone, interviewing celebrities for People magazine, Ken's amazement at Todd Oldham, and being Up Early Tonight.

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