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A mix of styles and genres. Brought to you by Turtle Island Radio and Pantheon Podcasts. Please, during this difficult time when artists can not play to live audiences, if you like the music you hear, go out and buy some of it. :) Tracks on this week's show are:

  • Digging Roots - Skoden
  • Girls Rising/Angela Nichole, Randi Urban, Marina & Isabel Figeredo - Dont Abuse The Medicine
  • Luna Red & Marlon Mac - Lost Tribe
  • B-Side Players - Con Las Calaveras
  • Lindy Vision - Water Is Warm
  • Jason Lee Wilson - Rainmaker
  • Pukuut - Silattorit
  • Native Roots of Jazz - Charles Mingus
  • Charles Mingus - Black Bats and Pole
  • Charles Mingus - Better Git it In Your Soul
  • The GroovaLottos - Doyoumind Ifwedance Wityodates?
  • Blackbird - Gold on the Ceiling
  • Melody McArthur & Jahkota - Wilding
  • Christie Lee - Spirit Free
  • Irv Lyons Jr. & Kirsten Teghtmeyer - Private Invitation
  • Roman Orona - Fully Devoted

All songs on this podcast are owned by the artist(s) and are used for educational purposes only. All songs can be found for purchase or streaming wherever you get your great music. Please pick up these amazing tracks and support these artists.

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