#115: The Power of Social Media with Luke Lintz


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Today on the show Jayson is talking with Luke Lintz, the founder, and CEO of HighKey Enterprises, Luke was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, the New York Times, and International Business Times before the age of 21.

He began his first business during his sophomore year, in high school. In the first year, a loss of $150k prompted the start of HighKey Technology, bouncing back in 2018, they managed $1M in revenue. “Giveaway marketing” is largely attributed to Lintz’s company HighKey.


  • How Luke and his brother started High Key Enterprises
  • Using failures to hone Luke’s business intuition
  • Using his skills from starting a YouTube channel in High Key
  • The value of coaching and mentoring in business today
  • Why High Key pivoted from e-commerce to social media
  • There’s never a bad meeting, you always have the chance to learn something
  • How they built their following on their social media channels
  • The best way for us to jump in social media for our business today
  • What the future of e-commerce will look like with crypto-currency
  • How Luke achieves his goals using a vision board


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