Why Some Things Seem Harder To Forgive Than Others w/Guest Alexander Marchand


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Wouldn't it be wonderful and give us peace of mind if we could forgive all people and circumstances in our lives with ease and minimal tension? A Course in Miracles says we can, provided we choose our right - minded teacher as our guide: The Holy Spirit or Jesus. Join Jackie and guest Alex Marchand as they discuss the ego's "First Law of Chaos" and how to forgive it. Alex uses the subject of politics as an example for letting go of judgment. He uses "The Golden Rule" to help break free from the "guilt projection cults" we formed in order to be right! The Course asks us, "Do you prefer to be right or happy?" Let's wake up from the dream! (On-air I accidently said today was the 26th! Oops...it's the 24th)

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