"Forgiveness Road" w/Guest Author Dr. Dana Marrocco


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Join Jackie and "Dr. Dana" as they talk about Dr. Dana's book, The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves: And How To Stop Living them. Don't miss their duet! Let's wake up from our dream of separation and undo the ego thought system, which itself is not true! Dr. Dana uses humor and a quick wit in her book to describe the ridiculousness of the ego thought system! Let's awaken and have fun & laughter along the way! Here is Dana's website with her book info and podcast info: drdanamarrocco.com If you enjoy these podcasts and would like to go deeper in your understanding of the Course, please join me on my subscription site, Patreon, where I have on-going in depth monthly classes on A Course in Miracles, "After the Show" discussions, access to my LA Course Groups and more! It's a great learning community! Click here. Love you all!

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