Silent Fear: The Murders at Gallaudet University


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Gallaudet University is one of the world’s most prestigious schools for the deaf and hard of hearing. For the gifted few who pass the exclusive admissions process, Gallaudet is an oasis—a center of learning, a place of infinite possibilities, a home away from home. It’s a place where they can celebrate deaf culture, network with some of the best minds in the country, and feel a deep sense of belonging. But during a four-month period in the fall and winter of 2000-2001, that sense of security was shattered, as a brutal killer stalked the dormitory halls. Everyone at Gallaudet was forced to confront the terrifying possibility that the killer was one of their own. Before the nightmare ended, two students would be dead, lives and reputations would be ruined, and a killer no one saw coming would be unmasked.
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