Scare You Round the Campfire, Vol. 2: A Halloween Special Event with Shelby Scott


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For our third annual Halloween special, we have the gorgeous and talented Shelby Scott, velvet-voiced host of Scare You to Sleep, a podcast that, while beautifully produced and hugely entertaining, might just make you wet yourself a little bit. Just a little bit, no big deal. It’s worth it. Shelby’s show is the gold standard in horror podcasts, but she’s also a true crime buff. So since it’s Halloween, and we have the Princess of Darkness gracing us with her presence today, we decided to pick two extra-terrifying cases to do together. We’re not gonna lie to you, campers. These are dark. First is one of the most horrifying cases we've ever heard of--a ritualistic, random double murder in one of the most tranquil neighborhoods in Hollywood. Next is the still-unsolved abduction and murder of Dorothy Jane Scott. Dorothy disappeared from a parking lot after weeks of creepy phone calls from a stalker who threatened to "cut her into bits."
You also get a bonus at the end of this episode: A peek at our "TCC Unplugged" post-show chat, normally for Patreon subscribers only. It's unedited, unscripted--just Katie and Whitney recapping the episodes.
Reelz' "Demons in the City of Angels," Episode "The Studio Steps"
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