People You May Know: The Murder of Sheila Hachmeister


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In the fall of 2011, Jason Hachmeister came home to find his 58 year old mother, Sheila, brutally murdered on her bedroom floor. Detectives quickly discovered that Sheila had been living something of a double life over the past few months, chatting with a much-younger online boyfriend who seemed almost too good to be true. She had also been seeing another boyfriend in real life--one her family much preferred to the mysterious Mr. Perfect from the internet. But Sheila couldn't seem to tear herself away from her online love. As they began to unravel Sheila's personal life, investigators would have to determine which part of her life had turned deadly: her internet romance, or the "real" people around her.
Investigation Discovery's "Web of Lies," episode "Divorced and In Danger"
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