Last Supper: The Murder of Joe Cinque


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In 1997, 20-somethings Anu Singh and Joe Cinque were an up and coming young couple--Joe a successful civil engineer, Anu a law student at Australian National University, both smart and gorgeous. From the outside looking in, they seemed to be on top of the world. But there was a storm brewing behind the scenes. Anu was becoming more and more obsessed with a myriad of health problems that no doctors seemed to be able to find any evidence of. She was becoming more and more controlling and needy, demanding more than any partner could possibly provide. And the more she perceived Joe falling short of her expectations, the angrier she got. And when she got wind that he might be thinking of leaving her, a poisonous rage bubbled up inside her. This is the story of one of Australia's most bizarre murder cases, one that you'll be tempted to think we made up. But unfortunately, we didn't. Join us for a story of love, betrayal, revenge...and the starkest example of the "bystander effect" you may ever see.
NZ Herald:
TV show "Poisonous Liaisons," Episode "Toxic Affairs"
TV show "Crimes that Shook Australia," Episode "Anu Singh"
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