Not Again! Waneta Hoyt’s Babies


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In 1985, authorities in New York State arrested a father who they believed had murdered his three children. In the course of the investigation, they became aware of a mother who claimed to have lost five children to SIDS. Thinking this was highly unlikely, they opened an investigation into the family.

First, the family needed to be identified. Once this was done, the investigation of Waneta Hoyt moved right along, culminating in her trial for murder in 1995.

Join us at the quiet end for Not Again! Waneta Hoyt’s Babies. This story of SIDS, infanticide, and Munchausen by Proxy took many twists and turns before justice was done. At the heart of this story is the tragic and unnecessary end of five young lives and the question of how it took five suspicious deaths before Waneta Hoyt was stopped.


The Death of Innocents: A True Story of Murder, Medicine, and High-Stake Science by Richard Firstman & Jamie Talan

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