Murder by Carcinogen


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Steve Harper was a shy, uncomplicated teen, especially toward women. When a beautiful and intelligent classmate expressed an interest in him, Steve was ecstatic. They were together as a couple until Steve returned to college. He planned to become a veterinarian, and he told Sandy he wanted to take a break from their relationship to concentrate on his studies. This led to a physical confrontation, ending with Sandy breaking up with Steve.

The breakup devastated Steve and probably unhinged him. He wanted so much to hurt Sandy as she had hurt him that he was willing to do anything—including commit murder. So, Steve came up with an audacious plan which failed miserably. Two innocent people were killed, but his intended target survived.

Join us at the quiet end for Murder by Carcinogen, where we discuss once again the difficulty of getting away with murder and ask ourselves why people continue to try.

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