Finding Becky


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The Search for Becky Godden-Edwards & Sian O’ Callaghan

Becky Godden-Edwards went missing in early 2003, but her remains weren’t recovered until 2011. The main reason for this delay was Becky’s lifestyle. She was a heroin addict and a sex worker, given to long absences from her home. The last time her mother saw her alive, Becky told her, “I’ll come home when I’m clean.”

Join us at the quiet end for Finding Becky. Becky was not found until her killer confessed to the murder of another young woman, Sian O’Callaghan. After he confessed to killing Becky, a legal loophole prevented his confession from being presented as evidence. It took five years, but with the persistent efforts of Becky’s grieving mother, the confession was ultimately admitted in a trial and her killer was brought to justice. Still, the suspicions of more unidentified victims linger to this day.


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