An Interview with Attorney Joel Schwartz


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Russ Faria was a normal, working guy, in love with his wife, Betsy, when he was framed for her murder. He was convicted and spent years in prison before an acquittal was won by his attorney, Joel Schwartz. This story was enough for a true crime book or an episode of Dateline, but it was just the beginning. It turns out that the person responsible for framing Russ and brutally murdering Betsy was her “friend” Pam Hupp, who is now in prison for another murder.

Join us at the quiet end today for this bonus episode, an interview with defense attorney Joel Schwartz. We recommend that you listen to our November 2021 episode on this case titled “Pam’s Path to Prison” before listening to this interview. After listening, we recommend that you read Joel’s book “Bone Deep” about this case and his work in getting Russ Faria out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit. You can find the book on Joel’s website along with more information on the case!

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