Ananda Dean


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Eleven-year-old Ananda Dean went missing on September 17, 2008. She was last seen leaving her school, where she was a sixth-grade student, in Jamaica. The police found some clues when some of her school books were found in two different locations at separate times. Her body was found less than two weeks after she disappeared. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the disappearance and murder of Ananda Dean. Even though the police had some clues to go on, they were at a loss to figure how who killed Ananda. Her body was badly decomposed and yielded few clues. This also caused a major delay in the identification of her body. The next month, police led a manhunt for two men who attacked a teen girl not too far from where Ananda was found. Could this pair be responsible for her murder? You can help support the show at Visit the show's website at for contact, merchandise, and donation information An Emash Digital production

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