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In 2006, Abraham Shakespeare was down on his luck. He was working but having a hard time making ends meet. He spent his last few dollars on lottery tickets and ended up winning the 30 million dollar jackpot. He should have been on top of the world and for a period of time, he was. He spent lavishly but gave even more money away to family and people he didn't even know. Then, he met a woman named DeeDee Moore who said she could help him with the rest of his winnings.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the treacherous and murderous DeeDee Moore. Moore had no plans to help Abraham with his money, rather, she had plans to help herself to his money. In the end, Shakespeare wound up dead at the hands of DeeDee Moore. But, the police had a difficult time putting the pieces of the puzzle together until a friend of Abraham's stepped in to help out.

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