Eoin Keith: Ultra Endurance Runner, Going the Distance


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Other accolades held by Eoin include being crowned the 24 hour and six-day Irish running champion. As well as placing fifth in the World 24 Hour Running Championships, he has also finished fourth in the European Championships. In May 2017 he set a world record by running the entire length of Ireland, 555km from Mizen Head to Malin Head, in three days, three hours and 47 minutes, taking 12 hours off the previous record held for this feat.

From mountain running to adventure racing, marathons to multi-day endurance running events, Eoin Keith has firmly placed himself as a name synonymous with success in endurance sport and a name to be reckoned with. When you stand on the start line up against Eoin it's not just his fitness, running and endurance ability that you are battling, you are racing against an athlete who tactically and strategically is one of the sharpest on the circuit. His mental resilience, preparation and attention to detail, coupled with his ability to suffer make him the strong and successful athlete he is today.

This is another great episode of the podcast packed full of insight with a glimpse into what it takes to go to battle on some of the toughest running races in the world and come out on top!

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