Trek TV Episode 174 - Star Trek: The Next Generation S04E05 - "Remember Me"


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#174 In this episode of Trek TV we discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation S04E05 - "Remember Me". Hosted by Tracy and Vaughn. Guest starring Derek & Jared. Hey, remember Trek TV? We certainly haven't forgotten you! Now, Vaughn's computer DID apparently suck at least a quarter of his audio through a blue wind hole into a warp bubble, but we managed to fix that, and WE didn't need the help of some soft-talking sanctimonious god-alien, either! Now, finally, you can enjoy our numerous revelations about the nature of the universe, barely-researched strange rights rumours, the intricacies of evolution, and of course just a ton of deep dives into obsolete mustache/phaser interactions. This episode of Trek TV: catch us, before we disappear and never even existed!

Could very well be the stupidest thing we've done yet

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