The Cherries: Drupes adored by birds; blossom revered by Kamikaze suicide pilots


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Our twentieth and twenty-first trees, the Wild Cherry (Prunus avium) and the Bird Cherry (Prunus padus). Yes, you knew cherries are tasty, but did you know they’re so delectable that they have their own bodyguards? Yes, you know about the Japanese cherry blossom front, but did you also know that cherry blossom adorned the fuselage of kamikaze pilots? And, yes, you obviously knew that Henry the VIII loved his food, but did you know he loved his cherries so much that he put a bounty on the heads of Bullfinches?! That, more besides, all of that illustrated by "Man Men"'s Michael Gladis, AND a brand new original performance of the Cherry Tree carol by absolute folk LEGEND, Martin Simpson. It’s a bumper harvest! More from David Oakes as he uproots the secrets and stories beneath the 56(ish) Native Trees of the British Isles can be found at:

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