Trashfuture Presents: John Taliban, Episode 1


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Several months ago, Alice Caldwell-Kelly awoke from a literal fever dream covered in a sheen of sweat, with one name on her lips: JOHN TALIBAN. A man whose name is just, coincidentally, Taliban. A man who loves Ford cars. Maybe his name’s Hungarian, it’s impossible to know. And now, from that impossible dream, Alice and friend of the show Noah Suarez-Sikes have written a real pilot which we’ve table read for you—the loyal hog. Please enjoy this TF Special Presentation™ of JOHN TALIBAN. CAST LIST: John Taliban: @Devon_OnEarth (Devon) Erika Joiner: @AliceAvizandum (Alice Caldwell-Kelly) Ashleigh Belden: @PrhRoy (Phoebe Roy) Squib Jackson: @Milo_Edwards (Milo Edwards) Heppie Jackson: @GoingMedieval (Dr Eleanor Janega) Chent Mustang: @inthesedeserts (Nate Bethea) Carter: @notliamanders0n (Liam Anderson) Waiter / Charon: @who_shot_jgr (Justin Roczniak) Kennedy Cutout / Stage Directions: @noahpasaran (Noah Suarez-Sikes)

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