Trans(re)lating 008: Why Bother?


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00:00 Opening
01:00 Introduction and to what I’ve been up
– I have a cool job
– I didn’t win NaNoWriMo again
– I’m in another podcast novel
– I’m taking classes again in the spring
– I got a dog over the summer
05:07 Question: “Why bother with transition?”
– It’s either worth it or it’s not
– Only you can decide for you
– You can’t use logic to get rid of dysphoria
– Sex is not Gender is not Gender Expression is not Sexual Orientation
– Wear what you’re comfortable in, regardless of gender
– Transition doesn’t make you your gender, but it can help you get recognition from society as your gender
12:33 Promo for Scouts Remastered
13:37 Closing and contact information

Links mentioned:
The Empress Sword, by Paulette Jaxton
Balticon 45
Scouts Remastered, by Nobilis Reed of Nobilis Erotica

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Trans(re)lating 008: Why Bother?

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