406 - Takeoff


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Work on the detailed plan for starting a Martian civilization commences.


  • Bill Parmentier (Sam Flynn)
  • Sarah Porter (Abby Murdoch)
  • Becca White (Chloe Hooke)
  • Deanna Beaton (Neda Morozev)
  • Jessica Spaid (Nicole Snow)
  • Jason Klefisch (Luc Hachette)
  • Marcy Wiegert (Kaia Osen)
  • Brian Voelkerding (Walter Langston)
  • Jaysen Cryer (Pete Ross)
  • Ryan Doris (Vasily Koskov)
  • Edward Selvey IV (Connor Nye)
  • Zak Farmer (Tim Conrad)
  • Paul Goetz (Paul Kirsch)
  • Jim Tudor (Max Baker)
  • Jack Ritchey (Scott Richmond)
  • Clare Burke (Rachel Yoshida)
  • Whitney Gries (Leslie Jacobs)
  • Larissa White (Rita Holgersen)
  • Faith Feng (Jiao Li)
  • Fedor Morozev (Fedor Morozev)
  • Darian Garey (Omar Alvarez)
  • Adam Huber (Ben Richards)
  • Anežka Gočová (Ava Murphy)
  • Shiyun Yu (Bo Xia)
  • Ken Calcaterra (Mike)

Written, Produced and Directed by John W. Richter


  • "Heart" - Roman P
  • "Scapes" - Gray North
  • "Delicate Displace" - Charlie Ryan
  • "Cosmos" - Theatre of Delays

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