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"Right now, trans people face the unprecedented combination of political, social and physical violence--to the extent that when stories are told about our community, it is often through the lens of this violence,” says Imara Jones, host and creator of TransLash Podcast, Apple Podcasts’ Spotlight show for August 2022. “But the truth is that our lives are defined by so much more beyond hate. In almost every area of society, trans people are innovating, creating new futures and thriving--and this is the story I want to tell.”Jones first made an impact in a 2018 online docuseries about her transition and life and four years later, the podcast is just one part of TransLash Media, a fast-growing platform and nonprofit organization telling stories and reflecting the culture through a trans perspective. With new episodes twice a month, Jones delivers illuminating discussions with guests from the trans community as well as allies to help create a fairer world for all.

Each episode also starts with a segment that highlights a moment of joy to add a bit of levity to some of the heavier topics she covers. “We showcase the fundamental hope and joy which propels our community forward,” she says. “If you care about and want to understand trans people at this moment, we have evolved into essential listening both for our community and those outside of it.”

With anti-trans violence and political backlash at all-time highs, award-winning journalist Imara Jones hosts the TransLash podcast, where trans people and allies talk back about what matters most and discuss how to create a fairer world for all.

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